Item#: 1987

Object Class: EUCLID


SCP-1987 at initial recovery point

Special Containment ProceduresEdit

SCP-1987 is to be contained in a cell, 5m x 4m x 2m lined with reinforced plexiglass. Subject is to be furthur contained in a themed crate 2m x 2m x 2m. Crate is to remained unseeled at all times. Under no cercumstances may the crate be locked. (See Addendum 1987-1).

SCP-1987-1 is to be placed into a cell adjacent to SCP-1987s current chamber and made to play non-stop for 24 hours each day. The device is to be rewound by autoatic system every 28 minutes. At no point is SCP-1987 to stop producing music. (See Addendum 1987-2).


SCP-1987 is a ragdoll puppet measuring 1.8m in height and weighing approximately 15 kilograms. The subject bears a humanoid appears but bears a long slender body structure.

Analysis of the subjects body shows it to be constructed of nylon cloth with a ceramic face mask similar to that of a Pierrot. Efforts to remove the mask have resulted in failure even though the mask appears to be sewn on.

SCP-1987s mask seems to bear an unusual memetic trait; should any attempt to remove the subjects mask come into play, SCP-1987s mask will alter in appearance. This anomalous propert only affects living beings as video recordings will not display this trait.

SCP-1987-1 is a small 30cm x 30cm x 30cm music box produced by the ███████ Company. The sound produced by SCP-1987 resembles that of a 1960s Fisher Price Teaching Clock Toy. The music produced causes an almost 'euphoric' state towards SCP-1987 which causes the subject to become docile. SCP-1987-1 winds down at a rate of 1500 cycles per 30 minutes. SCP-1987-1 is connected to an automatic rotor set rewind SCP-1987-1 every 28 minutes.

SCP-1987s hostilites come when SCP-1987-1 stops playing. At this point, the subject animates and attempts any method to breach containment. One containment has been breached SCP-1987 will locate the nearest human subject. All the while, the subject will emit a chime in a similar tone to SCP-1987-1. Once a human subject has been located, SCP-1987 will lunge at the subject with enough force to dislocate the spine at the base of the skull.

There is 'protection' from SCP-1987 when the subject is hunting. Should a subject be in possesion of SCP-1987-1, SCP-1987 enter a stalking behaviour with the subject in possession of SCP-1987 is designated SCP-1987-2. This behaviour progresses until SCP-1987-2 loses possession of SCP-1987-1. Once this occurs SCP-1987 will attack SCP-1987-2.


Addendum 1987-1: Shortly after SCP-1987s first breach of containment, the subject was placed into a metal box and seeled within. Two days after subjects recontainment, the rotor connected to SCP-1987-1 failed causing SCP-1987 to awaken. Unable to emerge from the box it was seeled within, SCP-1987 thrashed the box within it's cell at speeds not thought possible until the box seels destroyed themselves.

Addendum 1987-2: It is still unknown as to why the selected music box affects SCP-1987. Experiments with other name/brand music boxes cause no effect with the subject.

Addemdum 1987-3: At times when no human subjects are on-site, SCP-1987 will recede into the ventalation system. Why is unknown but the subject will ALWAYS avert this action when SCP-████ has also breached containment.

Addendum 1987-4: SCP-1987 shows an odd reaction when comming within contact of any subject of the Fazbear Crew. However, SCP-1987 will, in 98% of cases, avert contact with F/Fazbear.


Music Box Melody Playful

Music produced by SCP-1987-1


Ambient tune created by SCP-1987 when 'hunting'