Phone call from the office of "Pony Dragon" and SCP-2011Edit

(for reference: PD = Pony Dragon, T8 - Torchwood -8)

Phone rings in Pony Dragon's handset T8 anwsers

T8: Hello

PD: Hello Discord,

T8: What the [Exploitative] do you want?

PD: I have some information about the source of the un-trusting addmendiuments to your records in our database that might interest you.

T8: Not interested

PD: *a sigh is heard* Could you at least hear me out??

T8: Fine. It better be good.

PD: I know that T-5 don't like me but due to a though investigation by me using a [RETRACTED] time spell, I have found that a multiform Draconequus that exactly looks like you has been causing "Problems" for the LTF.

I'm not saying it was you but we have contained this Draconequus and rewritten your database record to remove the offending addendums from your record.

If you wish to read about this Draconequus read SCP-2011-A in our database.

I hope you accept our extreme appolgies for these events and hope we will still be able to work together in harmony.

T8: ...

PD: I've said my piece. I'm going to hang up. Goodbye.

T8: Goodbye

End of Transcript