Mobile Task Force Omega - 8 "Dark Future" is a Combat Task Force organised by the O5 council by request of other members of the SCP Foundation to keep watch over Site-30 and Containment Task Force Torchwood.


MTF Omega-8 was set up as a way to 'keep an eye on CTF Torchwood and make sure they're doing their job.' Basically, Omega-8 was created as a way for the O5 council to spy on CTF Torchwood, reasons being come from the longer and longer inactive periods Site-30 has undergone. Enter MTF Omega-8.


Omega-8 is formed from the remnats of the previously disbanded MTF Omega-7 and other MTF agents the O5 deem 'suitable for this task.' Omega-8 is formed by 9 members:

  • Sgt. Marvin Bates
  • Agent Michael Oleery
  • Agent Evin Jones
  • Agent Leeroy Irving
  • Agent Barney 'Bane' Jackson
  • Agent Keneth McKormick
  • Agent Adrian Shepherd
  • Agent Gary Evins
  • Agent Seth Darville


Omega-8 is equiped with most standard MTF equipment such as the FN P90 w/ Velocity Accelerator but are also fitted with the latest in memetic sheilding technology.