Primary Assualt ForceEdit

Main unit of Haven's Defence and Offence. The units consist of:

  1. Primary infantry
  2. Vehicler Division
  3. Special Forces Division
  1. Primary infantry, much like every other military on the planet consist of normal ground forces with conventional firearms.
  2. Vehicular divisions focus on using Scout, Fighting, Bombarding Machines etc. including the Tempest. Flying Machines are excluded.
  3. Special Forces Divisions are labelled below.

Science Div. Logo

Sciences DivisionEdit

Hand-picked by Rosalind and Robert themselves, the Sciences Division work in all fields of science and help to maintain the cities superiority.

1217px-SS Paranormal Division Insignia

Paranormal Div. Logo

Paranormal Activities DivisionEdit

Work around the study and nuetralisation of Paranormal and otherworldy occourances and entities.

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Extranormal/Mythological Div.Logo

Extranormal/Mythological DivisionEdit

Locate and protect mythological creatures around Earth. This force also works around Equestria to study certain creatures located there such as [REDACTED]


SCP Div. Logo

Special Containment DivisionEdit

Embeded Agents in the SCP Foundation. Primary goal is to locate and report locations and procedures for SCPs.