Item: G0LD3N-GUN

Golden Rifle

The Golden Rifle

Class: SAFE

designed for the use of Torchwood-5


  • Creator: "Pony Dragon"  (through use of SCP-914)
  • Max rounds in magazine:45,000,000
  • Fire rate:10,500 per second.
  • Weight: 5KG
  • Clearance Required to access storage:Level 3

Weapon Details:Edit

The G0LD3N-GUN is similar to [RETRACTED], but is statistically superior.

While their maximum and minimum damages are the same, their damage drop-offs are dramatically different.

The [RETRACTED] maximum damage begins to drop at 300M and ends at 480M, while the this rifle's drop-off begins at 135.75 KM and ends at 150.72 KM.

This, along with the G0LD3N-GUN'S extreme rate of fire and massive firepower with no recoil gives it an edge over the [RETRACTED].

The G0LD3N-GUN fires the following types of rounds:

  • PCSR
  • PLLR
  • Tranqulizer
  • [RETRACTED] - Torchwood -5

Ammo capacityEdit

It has a 45 Million round magazine.

How it is maganged to store so many and weighs less then a can of soda is currently keep spec op by "Pony Dragon"