Mlp rise of the draconequus by invderlava-d4a90ct
Discord is a multiform Draconequus and the eight title of CTF Torchwood.


Age: Unknown

Height: 3 meters(varies)

Sex: Male

Species: Draconequus

Eye colour: Crimson(yellow whites)

History (before Torchwood)Edit

[RETRACTED] by Torchwood by "Discord"'s request.

Current historyEdit

After ending up on Mobius, Discord took refuge within [DATA EXPUNGED] before being discovered by Edd and Isaiah.

After being induced by an M-Grade tranquilizer (cur. of Edd), Discord was transported to Site-30 where he underwent a 12 hour interigation. After this he was labelled as SCP-2011 and a EUCLID/KETER SCP, but still remained Discord to everyone else.

Unfortunately though, this didn't stop his mischief.

Only a day later when Isaiah was tasked with evaluating his performence Discord began, unknownst to himself of the dangers involved, using various SCPs around Site-30 to play small pranks on Isaiah, with SCP-2008-E to begin with.

Fortunately though the pranks and mischief ended with SCP-173 after nearly being killed by it.

After being showed SCP-682 Discord dropped the mischief (at least the amount of times he does them) and began behaving.

When his evaluation reached Wesley, Discord gained a new title; Torchwood-8.

Under his new title Discord has proven to be well behaved throughout many events such as [DATA EXPUNGED]. Although dispite this he is still the occasional trickster, but rather taking the form of the occasional joke though some have been shown to kill.

One such 'killer joke' was displayed during {REDACTED] when [DATA EXPUNGED].

After this, he jokingly refered to himself as the 'puppet master' which led Isaiah and Edd to hand Discord a song of a similar title .

From then on Discord labelled this as his signiture song.

Episodes PresentEdit

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Season 3

Season 4