Machine Type: Advanced Handling Machine

Primary Power: Dual Heavy Elements power core.

Energy: 10,000gw x2

Recharge Rate: 400gw/hr

Engine Torque: 100km/h top speed. 60km/h cruise speed.

Sensors: 100m-600m detection.

Stealth detection: No

Life Support: 5 hour oxygen reserve.

Shield Bleed: 50hz recharge rate.

Primary Weapon: 40 KrK Heat Ray

Alternate Fire Modes: Flamethrower, Grapple Beam

Firemode Statistics: Heat-Ray: 8400oc

Grapple Beam (Large Claws): 200lb lift

Alternate Equipment: 2 8m quad-finger claw

6 2.5m quad-finger claw

10 grade sedative

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