Affiliation: Dark Legion
Dark Legion

Purpose: Advanced infiltration method

Years active: . . . - 1997

Known Affiliates: N/A

Known Individuals: Edward Alistair, [REDACTED]


The Deception program was a complex cloning tactic involving the mass production of genetically altered dragons for use for infiltration and assassination of high value targets. Dragons created for the program earned the title 'Decievers' and were soon labelled as high-importance targets for the G.U.N after the assassination of President [REDACTED] in 1985.

Through data pockets recovered from recent Legion outpost raids, Decievers where undertaken in intence and life-threatening training and augmentations. These augmentations took the form of planting 'false memories' into the subjects mind giving the alusion that the subject knew combat and self-defence from the moment they where born. Data shows this quotation to be true as subjects being the implantation process from the age of 1. The implantation process showed to have a 8% failure rate. The consiquence of the process failure is unknown.

Training takes the form of honing their skills in simple dummy fights. Subjects who mastered their fighting quickly where transfered to advanced training involving hand-to-hand with tesing ascosiates, other subjects and even live-fire evasion tests. Live-fire tesing had an avarage mortality rate of 17.8% but hand-to-hand with other subjects yielded a frightening 38.3% mortality rate.

Subjects who made it past the combat training were advanced to the infiltration/termiation testing. This test pitted the subject in a scenario labelled 'the Presidents Daughter.' (See Addendum). The scenario played out by having the subject befriend the presidents daughter and stay within her presence without araising suspision. Those who succeeded where introduced to a doppleganger of the President (President [REDACTED] was used at the time testing was being conducted). By this stage the subject was given two options; kill the president or befriend him. Should the subject complete the first choice the mission will be deemed a sucess if the subject can evacuate the area alive. For the second option though the subject is given the choice to repeat the scenario again or complete a 'stage 2' of the current scenario. Subjects who choose to repeat have a 100% chance of scoring low on the test results. Subjects who choose the 'stage 2' option are treated with a visaully accurate renactment of the [DATA EXPUNGED]. Here, the subject may choose to assassinate the President once again. Complience will result in an identical but more lethal ending similar to that of stage 1 but non-complience will result in repromandation and demotion to 'fetish fodder' (See Addendum).

Subjects who complete all testing with high results are sent out into the field with their target planted within their subconsious. This way, the subject can remain hidden until the correct moment to terminate the target.


It is still unclear as to how the program simply 'ended' since no Legion records show it's cancellation or advancment. No evidence has been uncovered as to the events that occured before the program went defunct.



The test itself was reported to have taken place within a 10m x 10m x 10m holographic projection chamber


'Fetish Fodder' is a term used by the Dark Legion to describe subjects who are victims of those with guilty pleasures or fetishes. These subjects mainly consisted of Legion personnell assigned to the program.

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