[REDACTED] (commonly known as Red Weed) is a plant matter created on Mars to recreate a suitable environment for Martian ocupation. Currently the Foundation contains small controlled instances for research while Site-30 currently houses multiple samples. Each sample is stored within [DATA EXPUNGED].


Red Weed is highly disruptive and uncontrollable, one small sample (or speciffically a sappling or sproutling) can grow and multiply to cover land of aprox. one (1) square kilometer within thirty (30) minutes or more. Red Weed thrives in most environments excluding places where temparatures drop below 10 degrees celcius, at which time the plant will enter a state of deep hibernation. Testing has concluded that this hibernative state has concluded with the termination of the current plant matter.

The Red Weed does not 'consume' nutrients from the ground but recieves its nutrients from blood (human has shown to have the most 'desirable' effect). Without this diet, the Red Weed grows weaker until it dies, losing its red colour and becoming brittle and shattering into fine particles. Red Weed is at its most dangerous when exposed to high levels of moisture, speciffically to rain and/or waterways i.e. rivers, streams, canals etc. Once the Red Weed discovers a water source the plant will peak in growth speed and strength and can cover nearly entire states within days.

The Red Weed's primary weakness is was regular earth bacteria (such as the Common Cold) but in recent years has evolved to become immune to infection. Currently the only way the Red Weed can be halted is via destroying the source napalm and/or other flame-based materials. All non-Martian flame elements have proven a quick and effective way of killing and halting the Weed's growth.

Red Weed is edible and has tested to have no long-term or short-term side effects. Testing with D-Class personnel have all returned that the Weed bears a sickly, almost wrong metallic taste with a slightly bitter texture when chewed. One of the most well regarded features of the Red Weed is it's unnatural nocturnal abilities. Red Weed enters a 'sleep' state and growth slows to aprox. two (2) meters per hour. The Red Weed will also glow a deep purple colour on nights when the moon does not exceed █ lumos (amount of reflected light given from the moon). This glow has been stated to be both 'beautiful but slightly disturbing.' A further report of the Red Weed by [REDACTED] can be found here


  • Red Weed is a rare find in the wild but is still a threat that must be dealt with immediately.
  • Currently the Foundation hosts over █ spores store for use only for testing.
  • Spores of Red Weed MAY NOT be distributed to other versions of the Foundation.
  • Red Weed SHOULD NEVER be used for forms of torture, negotiation or any other of form of persuasion.
  • Martian Heat-Rays have a limited effect on the Red Weed, mainly scorching the surface rather than fully incinerating it. How this occurs is unknown.